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Monday, September 30, 2013

Conference Week!

Yes, it's true. I got moved to English work. About 5 of us Hermanas did actually, to compensate for all the new English Sisters. I'm training here with Sister Johnson. She's from Connecticut and very darling. Another 19 yr old, yes. My 3rd one to train actually. But she's great!

I'm actually back in Temecula, which was a bit of a surprise. We live down the street from my old apartment (where the other Hermanas currently live) and our area is just a small part of the area I covered when I was here in the Branch before. It's pretty fun though, especially because I get to see members and converts whom I love so much at Stake activities (like at the RS Broadcast the other night)!

Also, Hermana Sheffield got transferred here to the Spanish Branch! She's not in my District, but I get to see her at Stake things as well and also as Zone meetings. It's great. Elder Herrera also got transferred back here to Temecula in English work, which just made my day! I can't believe that we're always so close to each other in the work! We flew out together, were in the Temecula Branch together, then got moved down to the Escondido ward together at the same time, and now back up to Temecula in English work at the same time! Sadly, he's not in my ward nor district, but he is in my Zone and they actually live in the apartment next to us so we see them when we're all out running in the mornings. It's such a kick! And he's still struggling with his English a little but doing great!

Also, we live with some of the other English sisters currently (that may change soon), named Sister VillaseƱor and Sister Chevalier. Sister V and I were together for a week before Hermana Bennett came out, so it's fun to be with her again!

English work is...different. It's only been a week and I've definitely been challenged in some different ways then I ever have as a missionary. I was feeling very negative yesterday actually, and it was definitely affecting my ability to do the work, though I'm feeling better today, and hopefully with more prayer and fasting, I'll be feeling back to normal soon. I know the Lord gives us challenges though, so that we can grow stronger.

I love the Lord and I love this work. I know it's true and even though I don't love all of the situations the Lord has currently placed me in, He did bless me with a great companion and lots of other tender mercies. I know that we will see miracles this transfer and my testimony will be strengthened
Well, some good things are happening. We're trying to pick up the work, slowly but surely. Whitewashing is a little rough, but we're getting the hang of it. We had a few investigators coming and we are working well with him and finding more. We are doing a lot more member work, which is good. It's different though, and something to get used to. In Spanish wards, almost everyone is a convert, and most joined the church because some missionaries knocked on their door and changed their lives.

In English wards, most people served missions themselves and currently have children on missions. So you can see how the perspective of and attitudes towards missionaries differs from culture to culture. It's not a bad difference, it's just different.

Well, I've been in the Book of Mormon a lot this week and have found that Alma 7:23-24, and Mosiah 3:19 have helped a lot. I love the Lord and trust Him and know that He knows much more than I do, so all I can do is rely on Him. We're going to the temple this week and between that and General Conference, I'm pretty stoked. I hope you can make it to the temple soon as well mama :) Tell me about it, ok? 

Love you tons and tons. Thank you for all of your wonderful support and example. 

Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante 

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