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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Transfer time!

Hi Everybody!

I'm glad you all (Deb, Michael, Jodi, & Dominic) had a great time in Yellowstone! And I expect pictures soon? I sure hope so! I'll send pictures too...someday, when I have more time. We don't have a lot of time today because we need to head over to Karla's for lunch in a few minutes and then back to the apartment to pack!!

Yep, I'm being transferred tomorrow. Hermana Bennett is staying here and I'm leaving. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed about it actually, as I've been asked to train again (this is my 3rd time training and I'm not even a year old yet, jeez), but this time I'll be whitewashing (going into a new area with no other experienced missionary) and I'll most likely be going to English work. Yeah, I'm not too excited about that, but there are just so many sisters coming out and they need to move a few of the Spanish sisters over to English work so that the new missionaries can be adequately trained. I'm getting a little tired of 12 week  (the training program) because this is my 4th time doing it. I've actually only had 1 transfer my whole mission where I wasn't doing 12 week, though I still learn from it and grow as well with my companions. Anyway, needless to say, I'm a little stressed, but a good amount of stress doesn't hurt and things are going well for the most part. At least they didn't make me an STL or anything...yet ;) 

Oh, and I went to buy a GPS today and found out my card expired a few weeks ago. Pray for us that we don't get too lost whitewashing...anyway, could you talk to the bank and get me a new card somehow? That would be fantastic.

I'm a little bummed to leave Escondido, as there is so much work here. Karla will actually be getting baptized this Friday (it was postponed a week) so my new companion and I will be coming back for that. Thank you for the book! I love it! I'll be giving it to them on Friday so I'll tell you then how they like it :) You're the best mama!

But like I was saying, there is so much work here. Aside form Karla; we have 3 other baptismal dates and just so many investigators. This last week alone we picked up 7, including some great families! They have so much potential and the work here is just great. I keep telling Hermana Bennett that she doesn't understand how blessed this area is and that it's not like this in other areas. I don't think she'll really understand until she leaves though.

So I really have no idea where I could be going. There are 15 sisters coming in this transfer and one or two of them speak Spanish (which is why I'm most likely going to English work). A lot of sisters are having to whitewash and I think they are creating a lot of new areas just to fit us all in.
It's been a good week though. I'm sure a lot of other events have happened, but they aren't coming to mind right now and we probably should head over to Karla's soon and then get back to packing.

Hermana Bennett is excited to stay here and I trust that she'll take good care of the area. We've learned a lot from each other and grown a lot, even though it wasn't always the most easy-going companionship. I'm still grateful for every oportunidad I have to learn from other missionaries. It's great! And I'm excited to learn from and meet my new companion tomorrow!

CONGRATS TO EMILY!!! YAY!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR HER! Will you send me a picture of this Aaron boy so I can approve? That would be great. Ok, well I think I'll end here and tell you how much I love you.

I've recently finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and have now started the New Testament in Spanish. I do love the scriptures and how they help to know, understand, and feel closer to our Savior. They are so powerful in our lives and should remember how crucial they are for our spiritual well being. Have you seen that video on LDS.org called "Daily Bread: Patterns"? Check it out. All of you who read this should. It's wonderful and so true. I testify of the Savior and His true and living Gospel. I was going to tell you of a story of a lady we contacted yesterday but I'm out of time. Remind me next week maybe.
Love you so much!

Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante

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