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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Temple (and Picture) Day!

Hi Mami!

So, I have no time today. Sorry. We went to the temple this morning (that's why I'm writing so late, as well) and it was amazingly wonderful as usual. I love studying in the temple. I just feel like knowledge flows straight from the scriptures right into my brain and soul. It's so great. I have so much to tell you, but so little time. I have lots of pictures too, so that might take up most of my time uploading them.... we'll see. 

I am glad to hear things are going well though and that you are keeping busy and having a blast playing with your kids and grandkids and working and keeping in shape! You are super woman, aren't you? ;)

So the Spanish Conference was pretty great and we learned a ton! Afterwards we went on exchanges and I stayed here with Hermana McBride. It was pretty fun, but we were mostly just busy getting everything ready for the baptism.

Saturday, after we met back up with our companions, we headed straight back to the church to fill up the font and set up. It was a great service for Mauricio and his dad even came! He also came to the confirmation the next day and hopefully we will be teaching him on Wednesday :)

We are going on exchanges again with Hermana Schwegler and Hermana Gutknetch tonight for 2 days because Hma Schwegs is our Sister Trainer Leader so we both will spend 24 with her, each.

Hmm, out of time. It was fun seeing Hermana Jones and Ruiz at the conference. We are picking up new investigators and it's lots of fun!

Will you send me some coco hydro packets in your next package? No rush. Just whenever it may be. But seriously....no rush. Just whenever you do :)

I think I'm out of time. Sorry. Hopefully I'll have more tiempo next week. LOVE YOU!
Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante

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