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Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Graduation Week!

Hi Everyone!

I am sorry to say it, but I spent some time writing President, Ariana, and Paris today, so I am almost out of time already! Plus, I saw Hermana Acuña here at the Library (a less active member in the branch) and so we were talking and taking pictures and that ended up taking some of my Internet time. Sorry! It has been a good week, though it was awfully long.

 Yes, I am getting transferred! Of course, I have no idea where to (I'll find that out in a couple hours), but somewhere amazing with an amazing companion I'm sure! I'll let you know next week.

 We had a great lesson with Patricia last night and she committed to throw her coffee in the garbage because she knows that the Lord will give her more strength and energy to take care of her family than any drink. She made us arroz con leche (mi favorito!) and gave me a bracelet and was crying as she said the closing prayer, thanking God for sending her the missionaries to help change her life.  It was wonderful.

It was also Rene's birthday so we had Pizza, birthday gifts, and a lesson with them. It was great. He still doesn't want to settle on a baptismal date, but I keep praying that I'll be coming back to Temecula soon for his baptism (and Patricia's next month as well, of course).

We also visited the Vidals last night and I will miss them so much! Hopefully I can put up some pictures soon; I just need to find my other converter (which hopefully I will next week when I unpack). 

We had dinner with the Perez family last night and it was sad to say goodbye but they added me on Facebook already so thankfully we'll keep in touch. She made some amazing Philipeano food for my last dinner in Temecula! Yum!

Hermana Vielma (my mission mother - I love that lady so much) gave us a ride to our car that was in the shop and also gave me a beautiful necklace from Oaxaca (however you spell it...it's pronounced wa-ha-ka) and we exchanged addresses so we can keep writing and I can come visit her after the mish.

I also received some calls and texts from the members to say goodbye and thank me for my service here in Temecula. Hermana Morgan will be giving us a ride today to transfer meeting and also gave me a lovely necklace with the San Diego temple on it. Man, these members are so wonderful and loving and I am so sad to leave them! It has been very sweet and I am sad to go, but I am also very ready and excited to learn so much in my new area.

Hermana Jones will be staying here and is excited to get a new companion and learn and grow even more (especially in her Spanish, as she says she relies on me too much). Hopefully she'll be in Argentina soon though. Elder Pickle (another Visa Waiter) just left yesterday to Argentina so hers should be coming soon!

I'm not really sure what to tell you about your new teen Sunday school class...I have a hard time teaching them too. Trust me...otherwise Rene and Edward might have a baptismal date by now, ha-ha. JK ;)

Who is Jeff Steber? It's a little late for that now. Sorry. I'll be out of Temecula in a few hours. That is so exciting about Michael's graduation and I am expecting pictures soon! Also of my new nephew.... I can't believe you mother! Thankfully, my wonderful Grandmother sent me a letter that included a picture of him so I know what he looks like! Silly Mommy.

I just got an email from Ariana/Chris on their way to Cali, but I'll have to respond next week. Tell them I love them both so much and good luck here in Cali!

Well, I better wrap this up. I know this work is real and the Savior loves us so much. There is true knowledge to be found in the scriptures and miracles come from faith and obedience. I love you all muchisimo!

Con amor,
Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante

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