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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter and Conference!!

Hola! Te quiero y te extraño mucho!

Thank you so much for the Easter Package. I don't think I had realized or read the part about you having sent me an Easter package and I didn't receive it until after we had written emails last week. Thank you so much! The blouses are beautiful (I'm wearing one of them right now!) and we've already eaten most of the chocolate - we're wicked like that.

I actually got to use the coloring kit with Oscar (our 10 yr. old investigator) and we colored a few eggs, but they didn't have any vinegar, so they didn't turn out all that well, but it was his first time coloring eggs, so it was still exciting. Thank you! I feel so guilty for asking for so much last email, when I didn't realize that you had just sent me so much! I am so spoiled.

Wow! Lots of news! I did know about Kimi's leg (she's written me all about it, but I need to write her back still!), but WOW about the Jon and Jilli news! Congrats! That's so exciting! I still think of her as my sweet, young, 14-yr old Jilli, so it's a little strange that she's engaged, but that's wonderful news! I'm excited to see the invitations soon. June 22nd - wow! That's so soon!

You mentioned that Ariana & Morgan are moving next week, does that include Chris too, or is he moving out later? Oh! Real quick! Before I forget again! I DID in fact remember my brother's birthday, I just forgot to mention it in the email last week. So....FELIZ CUMPLEAñOS MIGUEL! TE QUIERO MUCHO!

The Easter pictures were darling :) What did you end up doing for Easter anyway? I hope you had a fantastic day! Ours was pretty great. We went to church early for the regular Branch Counsel only to find that it was cancelled due to it being Easter. That was fine, except that because we were early, I ended up singing in a musical number during la reunion sacramental. They needed someone to practice with so I sang with them and then the other person I was filling in for didn't show so I just ended up singing with the Branch President and his First Counselor. It was a little awkward for me...but I guess we sounded pretty good J Hermana Jones and I were supposed to teach the combined YM/YWs (for 5th Sunday) with Elder Feinaur and Hermana Ruiz was in with the adults teaching with Elder Pickle and Herrera. We ended up not having much time for anything and it was really awkward, but it turned out ok. J I have to get used to this teaching on the spot thing. It's kind of fun.

After church we had dinner with the Vidals (I love that familia!) and got back to work. We are working hard and trusting in the Lord every day. Priscilla and Oscar will be baptized this Sunday, in between the two sessions of conference. We fasted with Maria about a baptismal date, but the problem is that she has zero support from her family and her husband even tells her that if she's baptized in our church, it will be like they are getting a divorce since they were married in the Catholic Church. Poor thing. We are still working with her and she has great faith. I know she will be baptized some day, but we just hope it's sooner than later so that she can be an example to her family and enjoy the blessing of baptism even sooner.

Transfers are next week and I'm getting a little nervous, as some rumors are going about that I will stay here with Hermana Jones and finish her training - just the two of us. I don't feel ready to train and I don't have the language down as well as I feel I should. I have progressed so much, but I still don't understand everything and still rely on Hermana Ruiz to help me understand everything. I know that President Cook is inspired though, so I'm sure everything will work out for the best.

I know that the Lord loves us and is helping us in the work. I realize how incapable I am, but with His strength, all things are possible.

I'm out of time! I wanted to send pictures but I'll have to next week. I love you and I’m so stoked for conference! Read Mosiah 2:9. You're wonderful!
Love you too Grandma and Grandpa!
Thanks for your letters!
I love you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante

P.S. D&C 45: 3-5

Ok, I got extended a few minutes - here are the pics!
Priscilla's Birthday dinner! Rene was not present - what a punk. But Her husband Ezekial is really warming up to us! He even ALMOST came to church on Sunday ;) (Do you like my cute blouse?)

Birthday Lunch for Hermana Ruiz con Hermana Benitez (left - RS Pres.) and Hermana Samperio (Right)

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