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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well Hello beautiful people y Feliz Pascua a ustedes tambien J

Sorry, I am short on time...again. I am so excited for General Conference; it's not even funny. I can't believe I've been out for almost 6 months. It's crazy to think about. Especially because I was in China for 6 months and that felt like forever, but I still feel like I just got here. There is still so much to learn out here in the mission field. I feel like by the time I figure out how to be the missionary I want to be, my mission will be over. But I keep pushing forward and trying everyday and I'm sure everything will be wonderful :)

As for the medical thing, there is no mission doctor so please don't send it to me. Try to get it worked out with Dr. Cherrington or my heart doctor (I forget her name). What is it about anyway? I already have my license, don't I? Also, I know I am so needy and you give me way too much stuff, but if you could please order me some black "Kadee Crocs" size 7 and send them to me that would be awesome. I know, Crocs are gross, but Hermana Jones has these and they are pretty much cute, black flats that feel like heaven when you walk on them. My feet are getting sore and I would really love some of those. You can use my account to buy them and just ship them here. Speaking of, how much money do I have in my account, can you check for me please? Thanks! I would love those CDs that Chris made me :) And maybe some summer tops? I realized all the clothes I packed are winter/fall clothes and it is really starting to warm up. I would, but we really don't have much time to shop. If you can find some in my closet, great. If not, you can use my account and buy some for me? I know you're super busy mama, but if you could do that for me I would be so happy. Thank you!! Love you!! :D

Man, I almost out of time. Priscilla, Oscar, and Rene did not come to church this week so they will not be getting baptized this transfer :( Maria did though! First time in 3 months! Woot! She is doing well and will be fasting about a baptismal date this week J

We have been working hard at finding and we've been seeing some results. I've felt some tender mercies from the Lord as we continue to be diligent in the work. Hermana Jones is doing great and really getting more involved. I admire her courage, faith, and willingness to try. We are still working on using our time efficiently and productively all the time and staying focused with her, but over all the companionship is doing well. 

Hermana Ruiz received some hard news yesterday and called her family in Mexico to talk to her Abuelita who has been diagnosed with Cancer that is fatal. I respect and admire Hermana Ruiz so much for how well she is doing and how she keeps working even though she is really upset about her Abuelita. We keep praying for her and know that with faith in the Lord, all will be well.
Sorry I don't have more time. Thank you for updates on the family. How are YOU doing mama? You always forget to update me about you. I love you so very much. You're an amazing example to me and I'm excited to talk to you in a few months! You know what else I'm excited for?

GENERAL CONFERENCE! WOOT! It will be amazing. I love this gospel, that we have the restored church of Christ again on the earth, including revelation and guidance through prophets. This gospel is amazing and I love my Savior.
Con amor,
Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante


With Rene & Oscar
Hermana Ruiz Birthday!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Rene & Oscar - I love these kids!

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