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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yay for Spring in Utah!

Here in Temecula it is going back and forth between Spring and Summer - which I don't mind! It's either a small sweater or warm enough without, and I love it! So. Cali really is the best. I'm sure Thailand is pretty great too though! I am pretty darn jealous of M,J,&D - feel free to send more pictures from their awesome trip! Glad to hear that everyone in the fam is doing well (or I hope everyone - you didn't mention Chris at all but I'll assume he's doing great too). Tell Rauni I say "Hola!" J

So we are enjoying our trio :) We picked up Hermana Jones Tuesday evening and went straight to work! We went to a member's, did some finding, and taught a lesson with our investigators. It was great! She was pretty freaked out and overwhelmed, but she was brave enough to share her testimony during the lesson with Magaly and Cristian, so she's doing great!

Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week - maybe next time. But so you know what she looks like...hmm, she is very pretty, blonde/blue-eyed, and yes - 19! Ha-ha, I think most of the new misioneras are. She is actually a Visa-waiter, so we don't know how long she will be here with us, which is also why we are in a trio. She will be going to Argentina, Resistencia, but she's loving Temecula for now!

It's fun to have her around, because I can see how similar I was to her when I first came out, and now, only 12 weeks later, seeing how much I've grown. She really is awesome, and also quite 19 - haha. We are having a hard time keeping her focused on the work and not getting distracted by telling us fun stories about her family and friends and the MTC in the middle of planning or studies or as we're discussing the needs of an investigator, etc., but she is bold and has a strong testimony and desire to share the gospel!

I wish I had been as fearless as she is when I first came out. I really did waste a lot of time being scared my first few weeks. I still get scared actually, being a missionary is hard sometimes, but I know this work is true and I know I have the support of the Lord and I know that I need to work through whatever fears or trails we face. That's just what we do out here in the Carlsbad mission - we do work! :D

Speaking of the mission, it is definitely being spilt. Sad. We are losing three stakes to the new Irvine, but gaining one. We will also be losing 90 missionaries to the Irvine mission. It's so crazy. Presidente Cook says he will be sending the very best to be the new Irvine missionaries so they can have a great start. To be honest, I would rather stay here in the Carlsbad mission - it's just my mission, you know? But I will go where the Lord sends me, of course. Those changes won't be happening until July anyway, so no need to stress about it now.

We moved up our baptismal date with Priscilla and Oscar! They are doing so great and progressing so fast! Man, i just love this family with all my heart. Rene is still not sure about baptism, but I have faith that with time he will know to make the right decision. He is so great actually - in church this last week, apparently he stood up in Priesthood to introduce himself and told everything that his mom and brother would be getting baptized soon, but he was still praying and studying to know if he should too! Ha-ha, this kid is 15! He is so sharp and a great kid. Oh yeah! We were pretty worried about the dad not allowing Priscilla and Oscar to be baptized so we fasted with them last week. Before church even started, Rene texted us and said, "You guys can eat now, my dad says it's ok for them to be baptized!" Talk about quick results! It was a great miracle to experience with them.

Oh yes, one more thing. Rene has a total crush on me. It's pretty awkward actually. He asked if he could be next in line after this guy that I'm writing, and he keeps bringing it up in lessons, even with members! Ha-ha, oh it's pretty embarrassing as he tries to explain to his family and to the members that I shouldn't be so weirded out because 6 years isn't that much of a difference. This kid is 15 and is trying to win my heart over, ha-ha, it's so ridiculous! He is sincere in his prayers and studies though, so we just stay focused on the gospel with him J
Well, I'm out of time. Magaly and Cristian are not progressing, so we are going to have a DTR with them tonight. I'll let you know how it goes next week. The work here in Temecula is slow and hard, but Presidente Cook has faith in us and I have faith in the Lord.

Oh yeah! We picked up a great family last night! They are so awesome! Sadly, we will be passing them off to the English Sisters next week because everyone is more comfortable in English, except the dad, who is fluent in both. Oh well, we're all on the same team, right? :)

I'm out of time, I love this gospel, I love all of you, and I love my Savior.
Con Amor,
Hermana Escalante

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