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Saturday, October 27, 2012

2 Weeks Complete ... and Counting!

Wow, these P-days are so rushed. I have so much to say and so little time. I don't even remember what I said last week, so hopefully this isn't full of repeats. Here we go...

This week has been a roller coaster of emotion, though I'd say it was much better than last week (not that last week was bad, this week has just been good). We have two "progressing investigators" (who are really our teachers) named Maria and Juan. We weren't going anywhere with Maria for the first few lessons, but last night went great! And she now has a "baptismal date". We are learning how to use our time wisely and be organized, for example, using Teaching Records, doing Companionship Inventory, and using our planners more effectively. It's a lot, but it's great. I have so far to go, but the picture is becoming clearer every day.

We are busy everyday as usual, but it's fun stuff. Tonight we have something called TRC, but we're not really sure what it is because we've never done it before. I guess it's when volunteer members come in and you teach them but I guess they're just acting like regular members, not investigators and I have no idea what we're supposed to be teaching them...so we'll see how it goes. Sundays are pretty cool; did I mention those last night? We have Sacrament Meeting in our individual branches (zones) but Relief Society is all the Sisters together in the gym. Our speakers so far have been Sister Linda Burton and Sister Ann M. Dibb, so if you know who those people are, you'll realize that those are some pretty cool R.S. speakers. We have been going to choir twice a week and singing in the devotionals every Tuesday. I've never enjoyed choir that much, but these practices are like mini-institute classes and they're so spiritual! I love it. We also sound fantastic. So far we've sung Consider The Lilies and This Is The Christ - two of my favorite songs. Amazing. Also, our devotionals twice a week are pretty amazing. We have members of the 70 and other high-up people come. They are always so spiritual. It's like I'm constantly being filled with the Spirit. It's awesome.

Our old roommates have left for the field, so we got a new roommate this week. She is in our zone, but is a "Solo Sister" in another district. She is a bit shy and I think a little uncomfortable being solo, but she's usually with us when she's not with her Elders. She seems to like us so far, and we quite like her. Her name is Hermana Liu and is from Roy, UT. Her Elders lost her yesterday though, which was kind of ridiculous. She just went back to the room though until the next activity, so all was well. I guess I'm technically her assigned companion when she's not with her Elders, so I guess I sort of have 3 companions now. Sort of ridiculous, but more to love :) I'll still teach with my companions in a trio, but maybe once or twice teach with her, just so she can see what it's like to teach with a sister instead of just elders.

Oh! Fun story! So yesterday we had just finished teaching "Juan" (our teacher, Hermano Wheeler) and were doing an evaluation of our teaching in the classroom. We were in there by ourselves because the elders in our district had gone right after us to teach Juan. Anyway, we were a little stressed because although Juan was keeping some of his commitments and making a little progress, we still didn't feel like we were teaching effectively or with the spirit. We were evaluation and not knowing what to do and feeling frustrated. So, side note, we have these things called "Coaching Missionary Study" (CMS) when we meet with Zone Teachers and they help us to teach more effectively. It was not CMS time, but we were wishing it were. Just as we were getting really frustrated, we started saying things like "I wish Hermano Painter (our favorite zone teacher) was here!" "Is there some button we can just press to page him or something?" "Let's go look for him. Is he even here?" "I wish Hermano Painter was here to help us!" Etc., etc. Well, what do you know. In that moment, a quiet tap on the door and in walks Hermano Painter. His face was priceless as we all burst into laughter with some squeals of surprise. He was quite confused, as he was just stopping by to say hello. Well, he only had 5 minutes to talk with us, and I don't know if it was all that helpful, but it was an immediate answer to our prayers and we felt so blessed and loved. It was a pretty funny/awesome experience.

Hmmm, what else? I love my companions. I think I said this last week, but we're still working on teaching together, but besides that we get along great. I really do just love them. We were worried that when the new sister came they would split us up, so we were quite relieved when we were able to stay together. A lot of our zone is leaving next week, which is sad, but we're excited for them to get out into the field! I am still struggling with my Spanish, but I try not to compare myself to the rest of my district and instead see how much I've learned in two weeks. I am also trying to be more diligent in my personal language study and throughout the rest of the day with specific goals to help me learn more quickly. I wouldn't be too worried about it, as I know I will pick it up in the field, but it is extremely hindering during lessons when you can't say what you want to say and you have to keep asking your investigator to slow down and repeat. I am learning though, and I have definitely improved, so I am staying focused on the positive.

I've seen a few people around campus that I know. Elder Carson Nuttall was here for a few weeks, but I think he just left. I'm not sure. I've seen Joni Lawrence and Chrissy Keller and Jessica Baird (from my ward), as well as some other random girls from high school. I have yet to see Gloria though! She is my good friend who works at the bookstore. I go there all the time to see if she's there, but I've always "just missed her". Hopefully I'll see her soon though. My first day I found Cinnamon Teddy Grahams (MY FAVORITE!) in my book bag that I'm pretty sure was assembled by here. She's a sweetheart, so hopefully I'll be able to thank her in person one of these days.

Well, I'm out of time again. This half hour always goes by so fast.
I know with all my heart the Gospel is true. If you're not sure, you're doubting, or you have no idea, do as Moroni says. Read, pray, ask, receive an answer. But when you receive that answer, act. Faith is an action word, as is hope. It does not mean to just sit and believe and wait, but to DO! I am coming to know and love my Savior more every day.
Con Amor,
Hermana Escalante

P.S. Because all we do is sit in class, go eat, come back and sit some more, eat, sit as we teach, eat...etc., it feels like all we do is eat here! It's ridiculous!

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