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Monday, August 12, 2013

Wow, what a week!


What to say? I'm not sure if I can even remember everything that's been going on, so sorry if this letter is a little random. First of all, being a missionary is just funny. People just expect you to be able to do everything...so you just...do! Last Sunday, just a few minutes before Sacrament meeting started, Hermano Mateo (Sunday School President) came over to us and asked us if we would teach the 16 and 17 year olds during Sunday school. I don't know what happened to their teacher, but I guess they couldn't show, so he handed us the new manual and we taught a lesson on keeping Journals. It was great fun!

However, I felt a little bit hypocritical because I haven't been very good at keeping up on my journal. There seems to be so little time, that the best I can do is write random thoughts on sticky notes of what happened throughout the day and then stick it in my journal when I can. Thankfully, our Zone Leader Elder Peterson recently gave Hermana Bennett and me a talk on how to micromanage as a missionary so hopefully we will be learning how to better use our time.

Elder Peterson, Elder Simmons, Elder Farnsworth (not related to us, I don't think), and Hermana Inman will be leaving our ward tomorrow. Hermana Inman and I came out together so it was pretty fun to be in the same ward as her for a while. She's sweet. She and Hermana Moffat actually just started teaching Luis. His mom kicked him out and we found him a room to rent with Alfredo, who recently just moved into their area. So we did lose our favorite recent convert and then our favorite and soon to be baptized investigator, but the other Hermanas are taking good care of them. We are still teaching Luis' girlfriend Karla, and they're doing great.
Hermana Inman y Yo!
Sister Campbell's birthday! She's leaving tomorrow too                    
we'll miss her! L

We have been doing well as a companionship, opening up more, and as a result, getting along better and working more in unity. As a result, we have been picking up a few more investigators and even set 2 more baptismal dates this week. This morning we sacrificed some of our P-day time to go and teach a lesson to a man named Margarito for the first time. He lives on the property of some English members and works in their garden, as well as several other member's gardens. It was on the very edge of our mission though, technically out of bounds, but in "no man's land", so it was fun getting there. I'll see if I can attach a few pics.
Near the Borders of the mission. Just over the hill from Poway J
At the member's home, right after Margarito's lesson

Oh, and as for the "young men" we're teaching, I don't think any of them will be going on missions. One is 27, the other 29, and the other is 20, but already has children, so I don't think any of them are eligible. They're all great though. Cristian was doing so awesome! ...And then he canceled our appointment, didn't come to church, and his dad said he was partying again. We've yet to talk to him, but hopefully we can help him straighten back out. He's great though and has such great faith, so I'm not too worried.

On the way home from shopping today, our street was blocked off. They wouldn't let us drive in, which was a little stressful because we had frozen food in the car, but we just parked a few blocks away and walked. There was a half-ripped up motorcycle on the road though and all sorts of police cars and cones everywhere. It was intense. I can't believe the transfer is already over, which means we are half way done training! 6 weeks goes by so fast.

Well, I'm going to try to use the last few minutes to attach some pictures. I actually lost my camera for a few days, but I guess I left it in the church during Zone activity and thankfully Hermana Jones picked it up for me. She's great! J
Hipster Hermana Escalante on P-day
Well mama, you're great. I'm learning so much about the power of prayer. Especially about the fact that we don't pray to get what we want, but that we pray to more fully align our will with God's will, so what we get is what we end up wanting, because we understand that He knows better than we do, and He loves us more than we can understand. I'm not sure if that made any sense, but I love this Gospel and I know it's true.

Talk to you next week! Love you!

Con amor,
Hermana Escalante

Oh, P.S. Two different Latinos asked me this week if I was from Mexico. I was pretty proud J

Yes - we caught the mouse!

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