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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So little time!

Wow, sorry I have so little time this week, we'll see if I have time to write anything! :/ Hmm, this week has been up and down, like always, right? No, I didn't find my planner, which is pretty lame, but we are onto Transfer 2 already, so it's not too big of a big deal (though I'm still bummed).

Yes, there are Spanish Elders here as well. There are four of us for the branch, which covers the entire stake/area, but we split it into 2 areas for the 4 of us. We have the north half, and they have the south. We are in the same branch though, so we work together sometimes and coordinate where we need to.

 This week has been interesting. Saturday we did a car fast, hoping to see some blessings from it, but it was mostly just a hard day. We ran into a few anti-Mormons and atheists. Man, I really don't like talking to white people. There was one guy in particular that was just harassing us and going off about sacred topics and all about the ordinances performed in the temple. Apparently we don't believe in God and are ruining people's eternal salvation...good to know. But alas, the work goes forward.

Things have been good in some areas and bad in others (regarding our investigators) but I really have almost no time, sorry! I'll just say that things didn't go as well with Alejandro as we would've liked, but they are going better than we had hoped with Fernando :) We dropped Elizabeth but picked up a few more investigators, so we'll see how things go. This transfer there will only be 5 weeks, which is pretty nerve-racking, as that means I will be no longer training in 5 weeks! Wow, this week has gone by so fast. The days just get faster and faster out here.

Mom asked about the kinds of food we eat, so …we are in a pretty diverse branch, for example we had Dominican food last night. We eat Mexican food often, as well as other varieties from central and south America.

It has been so warm this week and I've been loving it. Oh yeah, the computer was about to kick me off when it extended by 15 minutes, so that's why I'm writing this. Yesterday we were trying to find a P.I. (prospective investigator) out in the middle of wine country, it was so rad. We were driving past vineyards and orange fields and it was so beautiful, you can't even tell it's January out here :) This house was in the middle of nowhere on some crazy dirt road, miles from anywhere. It was a little sketch, but a fun adventure. And no, nothing came out of it. Oh well, we tried. Here is a picture of the valley we were driving through to get to the house.
Out in the valley

Well, I'm sorry I don't have more time. Things are going fairly well though. I love this gospel, I know our Heavenly Father loves us, and He cares for us so much. It's amazing how much of a pick-me-up the Book of Mormon is. I love the scriptures and all that they contain. They are true revelation.
Con amor,
Hermana Escalante

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