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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hola from Sunny California!

Oh my goodness, is Grandpa doing ok? I hope he gets feeling better. They really should just move out here to Southern California and then they wouldn't have to worry about all the nasty ice and snow! I'm so glad that the worst we have to deal with is some rain and 30 degree weather. Not too bad for January. I can't wait for summer though!

That's so cool that Chrisser (Elder Pope) is an AP down in Antofagasta! I'm not surprised one bit, that kid is one of the most righteous studs I've ever met. Thank you for sending Ryan's letter. It's amazing how we are so far away, and yet having such similar experiences, and yet so different...I'm definitely not having any companions falling through roofs, ha ha.

So yes, I did get that letter, but no, I haven't gotten the package yet. The mail is really weird here. I thought Grandma & Grandpa had stopped writing me about a month ago and then last week I got 3 letters from them, all from the last month. I guess they got backed up somewhere. Also, we haven't received mail yet this week, so hopefully I'll get the package then. I feel pretty spoiled though, because I just got a package from Padre too. Full of cookies and snacks! Yum! And even a running headband thing to keep my ears warm, thank goodness. It's so cold in the mornings, I use it every day now and it's so nice.

I can't believe January is almost over either. Wow. I'm almost done training. I mentioned this transfer will be short, right? I think it has to do with all the new missionaries coming in. I will probably stay here in Temecula and Hermana Ruiz will most likely go somewhere else to either white-wash train or get ready to train the next transfer. We still don't have new roommates so as of right now we each have our own bathroom, it's really nice and spacious. J  I'm sure next transfer they will get some new sisters in though.

We are allowed to go to the temple 4 times a year, so we will probably be going in March, but I'm not sure. We have to go on a P-day and find a member to take us, so it will probably be a little crazy, but I'm excited. I miss the temple!  

P-day: we have regular studies in the morning and then time to get stuff done until 6pm and then we head out and just keep on like any other day. Tonight, after P-day, we will go visit Magaly, try to pick up some P.I.s  (potential investigators) named Martha and Melissa (they are from Utah and love us so much!), and then go visit a less-active (crazy lady who always tells us we're wrong when we bear our testimony, but she's still sweet and needs some love).

Well, I am almost out of time but this week has been...not as great as some others, work wise. Both of our baptismal dates fell through. We were sort of expecting it with Alejandro, but things were looking and feeling really good for Fernando. We went to his house to have him follow us to chapel last week for a lesson and tour, and he told us he felt anxious and didn't want to go. We hadn't been able to see him since (he works a lot) and then this morning he texted us and basically broke up with us. Sad day. He told us he doesn't feel ready for this stuff and can't meet with us anymore. Ugh. Super lame. I guess we were working hard, but Satan was working harder. It's so sad to see someone progress and then choose to reject the gospel.

Magaly and Cristian are progressing, and we're meeting with Maria tomorrow, plus we picked up a few more investigators. We have a new District Leader (who thinks we're crazy) and another new elder, but besides that the mission stayed the same. I was going to put up a picture of our district but the computer is about to kick me off, plus we need to get to district activity. I'll try to remember next week.

Hmm, I think I've answered all your questions. Sorry I don't have more time to write L I love you so much mama and I'm glad you're doing well and such an amazing example to me! I hope you can sleep better this week to have all the energy you need for all that you do! Thank you for writing me and sending your love! I miss you lots and lots and pray for you everyday J This mission stuff is crazy, but I know the Lord is here with us in the work. I love this gospel so much, and I know it is so real.

Con Amor,
Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante

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