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Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Letter!

Hola Mamita y familia! Happy Late Easter!

Yes, I loved the pictures J my family is just so beautiful, it's hard to fathom. I did get the package (yesterday), thank you!! Although to be honest, I'm not going to be able to eat it all before I go home, so I'll probably just leave it for Hermana Williams and her next companion. Thank you though! And I loved the card J it was very fitting because we see rabbits on a daily basis here in Murrieta. I also got a letter from Aunt Noel, which was very sweet! My family is just so wonderful.

Yes, the conferences were wonderful as well. Elder Ballard and Elder Maynes were coming down for some sort of combined Priesthood training with the leaders in the six stakes of the mission. While they were down here, they so lovingly met with us as missionaries altogether in Escondido. Elder Ballard also went to Temecula to speak on Sunday morning, while Elder Maynes came to Murrieta. I guess the other stakes got gipped ;) That's why we had another stake conference so soon, by the way. It wasn't really a "stake conference", but I guess more of an after-Priesthood Leadership conference sort of thing...I'm not really sure. Pres. Kendrick and Sister Kendrick also came to speak at our stake conference as well as the Temple Pres. and Matron of the San Diego temple, so along with our Stake Pres. speaking, it was a pretty wonderful conference.

Of course Saturday was wonderful too. Elder Ballard was gracious enough to shake all of our hands and then enlightened us on how to continue forward in the work. He was impressed by our mission and the goals we have been achieving, so he mostly just focused on how we can keep it up and keep pressing forward and how if we want to help more people be baptized, we need to talk to more people. Everything was really wonderful. Due to time, I can just tell you more when I see you.

Hmm, what else did you ask? Oh yes, today is normal, only I'll be packing instead of the normal letter-writting and cleaning and what-not, but I would do that just like any other transfer. I started the other night, so I don't have too much to worry about. Tonight we have some normal appointments. In the morning, we'll do some studies, have breakfast with Pres. Del Gaiso and his family, and then teach English class like normal. After that we'll probably just double-check the apartment and finalize everything to go, and meet up with Ana (and maybe Daisy) to head down to Vista.

Hermana Inman and I are in charge of the departing missionary special musical number, so we'll be going a little early. After transfer meeting, we'll head back to Carlsbad and sleep at the mission home. In the morning we'll head to the temple (and the Mormon Battalion if we have time) and then off to the airport. I really don't have plans for when I get back, except for what you've told me that I'll be doing with you and the fam ;) I would like to get a job super soon though, and was thinking of Gymboree again. It's all the way in Salt Lake Valley though. How do you think Jodi and Michael would feel about me staying at their place de vez en cuando and helping with the baby?... if it works out better that way. Anyway, I'm not too worried about it. I'll figure it out when I get there.

We've been working hard this week, with few immediate results, but still feeling good about working hard. We actually have received several referrals and found new, and ran into some old, Potentials, all of which we have appointments set up for next week, so that's exciting for Hermana Williams and comp. I still feel like I'm going to be here...so it's kind of weird.

We found a new investigator Flor this week, she is Colombiana and pretty great. I'll be excited to hear how it keeps progressing with her. We went by to see some other investigators the other day and they "broke up with us" because we had a "toxic relationship", ha-ha it was actually pretty funny. They pretty much know that the gospel is true, but they have too many other obstacles right now in their life and too many other concerns to be ready to move forward, so we left very understanding, and with much peace. I'm so grateful that as I said my parting words to them, I felt the Spirit testify of the truthfulness of what I was saying, and I know they felt it too. They became very solemn and reverent as I spoke and the husband said "I hope that's true. I hope I'm wrong and all of what you're saying is true." I know they'll accept the gospel some day, but not every one's time is right now, and that's okay too.

I'm so grateful for the truthfulness of the gospel in my life. I'm also so grateful for temples and I am so very excited to go when I get home! I plan on going every day for the first week when I get home, just FYI. I'll have to do something to keep me busy ;) Well, I guess I'll wrap it up. Oh, I've been taking lots of pictures, but this Internet is terrible so I'll just show them to you/post them when I get home.

Well, I guess I'll see you soon....Love you, love you!
Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante

P.s. Hermana Sheffield is soooo sad that I'm leaving, she's probably more sad about it than you are excited about me coming, ha-ha. Poor thing. Good thing she lives in Lindon and is coming home this summer J
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