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Monday, March 10, 2014

Daylight Savings and Last Transfer!

Hey everybody, how are ya?

I'm pretty good. It's been a good week with warm weather, lots of lessons, and full of the Spirit. I didn't appreciate losing an hour of sleep, but I made it through all right. I'm sorry to hear you are coughing! I hope you feel better soon! And no, I seem to be doing just fine. You're right, it is sort of Spring all year. Every once in a while I feel my allergies acting up, but nothing too big. I'm pretty spoiled here in California.

Yes, transfers are tomorrow. Hermana Painter will be leaving, and I have no idea where she's going, though I might guess to Temecula with Hermana Eskeets or to Vista with my baby girl Bennett, but I'm usually wrong, so who knows. And my guess is that Hermana Moffit will be coming here with me, or Williams, but like I said, we'll see. I'll let you know next week. I'm very happy to stay in the area because we have some fun things going on and I quite adore the branch, they are just so great.

As far as members and leadership goes, this has definitely been my favorite area. We had breakfast with our Branch President and his wife this morning since Hermana Painter and Elder Olvera are leaving, and they are just a great, I love them all. We were exchanging mission stories with Presidente and he was telling us all sorts of crazy stories from the ghetto of New York...makes California seem pretty calm and quiet J

Yes, Ariana did email me this week actually! She told me about her new roommate and her upcoming trip - so exciting! She also told me about her expected venture to Argentina this fall, which sounds so awesome! I'm so glad to hear how great my family is doing J I know the promises in my setting apart blessing of my family being blessed are so very true, and I'm grateful for how many blessings the Lord pours upon us daily.

I'm glad to hear that your class is going well as well and I am very excited for General Conference as well. I used to be excited about it when I was young because it meant waffles for breakfast and long naps and dinner at Grandmas.... but now it's like going to Disney Land! I look forward to all the answers I will receive, the Spirit I will feel, the inspiration I'll feel, and the revelation I need. I'm so grateful for a living prophet and for 12 apostles and other church leaders who are close to God and help us come closer to Him through their inspired words. 

We are currently working with a young woman we met in our apartment complex and she is very spiritually prepared...in some ways. She is actually extremely receptive to the gospel and understands it very well. She is open and loves to read and teaches herself and writes down questions and what she learns from studying the Book of Mormon on her own accord. However, like everyone, she has her hold ups as well. It seems that she has some spirits in her home and that follow her around. She may also have some mental issues, but we're not sure yet. We do agree that there are presences there that we have felt, but also that they leave when we pray with her and she truly does love the Holy Spirit that she feels when we come and wants it more in her life. She came to church yesterday and received a blessing afterwards, so we'll see where it goes from here. Feel free to keep Selene in your prayers.

We continue to work with the Martinez family, though they own a restaurant and they have been having some struggles this past week, so hopefully this next week things will calm down a little bit and we'll be able to see them more often. Pues, life is good, the church is true, God loves us, the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ... and so do I! Have a great week! Love you tons and tons!!

Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante

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