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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday P-Day

Hey Everyone! 

I'm so sorry about the short email today. I was planning to send all sorts of pics because I'm currently in the Temecula Library (on exchanges and this was our assigned email time due to the holiday and having Zone Conference yesterday) and the computers here are way faster, but we don't really have a lot of time, so we'll see. I am here with Sister Dredge, but she wasn't feeling very well so we had to step out for quite some time so she could call the nurse, so yeah, not a lot of time left. Sorry. Poor thing, she is so stressed she is making herself sick (literally).

I loved the outline of your lesson though - so great! I heard from Grandpa and Grandma this week! That was great! Since their computer crashed, it's been hit and miss, but glad to hear that they're doing well. I love my family and I love all the great news you tell me about how everyone's doing! Sounds great!

It has been a fun week, also busy, with several exchanges and Zone Conference. David came to church this week (the less active we found who we thought was an investigator) and he is doing very well! Poco a poco! We had lots of drama go down with some other less active family that I won't go into details about due to privacy, but it was crazy. The Branch President here is so great though and he is really helping out, but we'll go see them again tonight. The good news is that all this craziness is humbling them and they (most of them, at least) came to church last week, which is great.

Zone Conference was so great! No, I didn't really do anything with the training, but I was assigned to be in charge of the musical number. We sang "Abide With Me, Tis Eventide" and we had piano and violin, it was lovely. Saturday was a weird day. I came back from exchanges and Hermana Painter seemed so scarred. They had had a lesson with a new investigator we had recently picked up and I guess it was a bad experience. An hermano from the ward went with them, but they still felt super freaked out, all of them. I guess they are schizophrenic and it was just a bad situation. Thankfully nothing happened, but she still just felt really strange so she got a blessing from the Elders.

We also were walking around some apartments when this guy on his balcony saw us and he was on the phone and drinking and starting freaking out and cussing and yelling about how terrible Mormon's are....it was interesting. Hma Painter wanted to go back and pound on his door and tell him off...thankfully she understood that that probably wasn't the wisest idea, so we moved on. Right after that, we saw a little Latino family and we didn't really want to talk to them because we were so sick of being rejected and weird things happening that day, but we did anyway (of course) and it turned out to be a little misericordia! (mercy) They were so cute and we set up an appointment for the next day. We had a member come with us to the lesson and it was so powerful! They are now working towards baptism. J Hma. Painter had a lesson with them last night, but I'll hear about how it went today when we switch back. 

Yes, I got the package, ha-ha you cheater. It's fine though. Thank you so much! You're the best mama! I love you soooo much! I hope you had a happy V-day! We have the car back, everything is fine, and we just don't use the dishwasher, we hand wash. We also just use the setting on our washing machine that doesn't mess up our clothes. Most of my clothes are okay, it mostly just stained my whites, but Sister Wickham suggested some stuff called White Brite or something and I got it and most of my clothes are now white again (with the exception of one pink shirt and one orange one...not sure how that happened), but we're all good. 

Crazy stuff happening here in Temecula. Sister Johnson was emergency transferred out and then just this Monday both sister Taupau and Sister Lemon were transferred out and they put in some Elders from Carlsbad. I guess it was no good having them in that area, which I totally agree with since we were neighbors with drug addicts and Satanists. I don't know why they didn't just switch the sisters with the Elders though, because their area is perfectly safe. Oh well. It's not my decision (sadly). Well, I'm going to wrap this up! I'm sure other cool stuff happened, but I can't remember and I'm out of time. 

The gospel is true! I love the scriptures and I love my Savior and I love YOU!!!

Hermana Alyssa Nicole Escalante

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