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Friday, November 9, 2012

9 de Noviembre

Buenos Tardes! (O Dias or Noches - whenever you read this)

Well, it's been a fast week! I'm not really sure why, but this week has definitely gone by the fastest. I feel like it's only been a day since I last wrote, so I'm not sure if I have much to say.
They have been painting our classrooms in this building, so we were temporarily moved upstairs for a few days, but we're back in our room now. The downside was that we had to take down all of our classroom decorations and someone (probably one of the janitors or painters) threw them all away. The upside? Redecorate! Jaja (Haha), we got to spend an entire class (three hours) redecorating - putting up pictures, scriptures, assignment board, quotes, etc. Quite fun J

They also had some problems with the 4th floor in our dorms so on Saturday we walked into our room to find suitcases on the floor. We had no idea whose they were or why they were there. Usually when you have new arrivals they warn you a few days before so that you can prep the room and be ready to welcome them. Plus, new arrivals are on Wednesdays, so we were a bit confused. We had two girls from the 4th floor unexpectedly show up, but they only lasted a few days. One of the girls was leaving for Peru in two days and the other moved in with her newly assigned companion after she left. It was fairly random, but fun to have some new faces for a few days. We also received a notice today that we will be receiving two "fresh" sisters on Wednesday, so that's always exciting! Wow, lots of new changes.

Also, we have two new elders in our class. Usually you just have class with your district, but these two Elders were the only one's left in their district after the rest of the missionaries left (phase missionaries - so they spent two or three weeks here and then the rest of the time in an MTC in South America). We thought they were going to be moved into our district/zone, but I guess they are still their own district in the original zone, but now have class with us. Oh yes, their names are Elder Clingo and Elder Murdock. They are pretty fun and we quite enjoy having them in our class. Hermana Carlson knows Elder Murdock from school, so that's kind of fun.

We have started teaching each other as investigators this week. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it, but I quite like it. Before, we had only taught our teachers as investigators (como Tomico, Juan, Maria, y Junior), but now we have developed our own investigators and are being taught by each other. Everyone takes on someone that they know who is a non-member or a less-active and acts, questions, and responds like their friend would. It's a new challenge on both ends, but pretty fun. We taught Elder Murdock this week as "Guillermo" - an atheist Korean college student, and his drugged our roommate (Elder Clingo) "Beto". It was pretty fun and great experience. I acted as one of my Chinese friends who doesn't know much about God as Elder Gardner and Elder Moss taught us.

We actually had some disappointment this week as our investigator Juan (Hermano Wheeler) told us that he was pretty busy and would "call us" to see if we could come back. Basically that means he's not all that interested in our message anymore. Well, it's a learning experience. We know we have to be better at applying to his personal needs, as opposed to just teaching the gospel. Things with Maria (Hermana Ayala) are going fairly well though as we are preparing her for "baptism."

Choir was pretty awesome this week (always super spiritual, like an institute class or something) as we sang a primary hymn I had never heard called "Jesus is my Shepherd". We all fell in love with it and have been singing it all week. Also, since it was Fast Sunday, instead of having Priesthood and R.S., we have a Missionary Conference. We heard from all the MTC presidency and one of the Branch Presidents. It was really good and really powerful and packed with good stuff. Two hours of spiritual wonderfulness. Even our branch president admitted that was the best mission conference he'd been to here at the MTC.  They talked of so many things like sanctifying yourself, looking upon the hearts of ourselves and others, how to better fulfill our purpose, finding people, the power of the Book of Mormon, etc. I wish I had more thantwo minutes left so I could tell you more, but I think I need to wrap it up!

It has been such a rollercoaster here, one day feeling the spirit so strong and having such a desire to serve, and the next day being so discouraged thinking that I will never be able to do this. But thankfully, the Lord answers prayers. That is my testimony today. Pray for strength to do hard things, pray for guidance, pray for the desire to be better! We have been speaking only Spanish this week (mostly - we've been slacking a little bit today), and it has been pretty rough. However, after praying for the DESIRE to want to speak Spanish, it has been much easier. Prayer for the DESIRE to love others has helped me come closer to Christ as well as those I teach. Your Heavenly Father loves you and wants to bless you, but as the BD (Bible Dictionary) says, some of those blessings are conditional upon us asking for them. So ask Him! He loves you, and He will bless you.

Con amor,
Hermana Escalante 

Hermanas Escalante, Dudley, & Carlson, Elders Moss & Gardner

Tres Amigos!

Note that all the Hermanas are in shades of purple!

Sr. Liu is in the green

Rock, paper, ...?

Turtle face

A little late night yoga

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